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Introducing PAS for OpenEdge
Apache Tomcat and the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : CATALINA environment variables

CATALINA environment variables

There are a number of environment variables that hold paths for some of the Progress Application Server's (PAS) key directories:
*CATALINA_HOME: The root directory where you installed PAS. The installed server is often referred to as the core PAS. The CATALINA_HOME/bin directory contains all of PAS's executables, including, which is a script that is responsible for starting and stopping the PAS.
*CATALINA_BASE The root directory of a runtime instance of the core PAS. If you have a number of instances, the value of CATALINA_BASE differs for each individual instance. However, the value of CATALINA_HOME is the same for all instances of a general core server.
*CATALINA_TMPDIR: The PAS home server's temporary file directory.
*CATALINA_PID: The path of the file holding the process ID for the Catalina Java startup process. Unlike Tomcat, PAS enables the use for this variable in both UNIX and Windows systems.
Note: Catalina is the Apache product name of the component that implements Tomcat's Java Servlet Container.