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Administration Guide
Overview of PAS for OpenEdge administration : Transport URLs

Transport URLs

In PAS for OpenEdge, transports handle HTTP requests and are built into the default ROOT (oeabl.war) application. (A PAS for OpenEdge instance contains one or more OEABL Web applications.) There are four transports, APSV, REST, SOAP, and WEB. These transports handle requests from clients that use any one of those protocols for communication with a Web server.
The four transports and their assigned URLs shown in the following table.
Table 1. Transport URLs
URL Path
Handles requests from clients that are using the AppServer over HTTP protocol.
Handles REST RPC over CFX and Came.l
Handles SOAP 1.1 requests.
Handles requests that use standard HTTP verbs, which includes classic WebSpeed and OpenHTTP.
Note: If you are referencing an application other than the ROOT application, the URL path is preceded by the application name (app_name/web, for example).
* Modifying the WEB transport URL