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Administration Guide
Administrative tools : TCMAN


TCMAN is a command-line utility for administering and managing the Progress application server. It extends the functionality that is provided by the core Apache Tomcat administrative scripts found in the server's/bin folder.


{$CATALINA_HOME|$CATALINA_BASE}/bin/tcman{.sh|.bat} action  [general_options] [action_options ]


$CATALINA_HOME is the path of thedirectory where the core PAS server is installed, typically OpenEdge-Install-Dir/servers/pasoe in PAS for OpenEdge. You always run TCMAN from $CATALINA_HOME/bin when you are creating new instances or worker configuration files. However, you can add the -I instance_alias_name option to specify an instance on which to apply the TCMAN action.
$CATALINA_BASE is the path of an instance's directory.
TCMAN automatically determines the value of CATALINA_BASE based on the directory where you start it. When you run it from the /bin directory of an instance, the value of CATALINA_BASE is the root directory of the instance.
If you run TCMAN from the the core PAS server (OpenEdge-Install-Dir/servers/pasoe/bin), the value of CATALINA_BASE and CATALINA_HOME are the same.
Specify which TCMAN action to invoke.
Specify one or more of the TCMAN common options that can apply to most actions.
The output of help action includes a list of general options that are applicable to a particular action.
Specify an option that applies to the selected action. These options are explained in the topics that describe each action.