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Load balancing options for PAS for OpenEdge : Tomcat load balancing : Requirements for Tomcat load balancing

Requirements for Tomcat load balancing

The following are the requirements to implement Tomcat load balancing:
1. A properly configured Web server.
If security is an issue, (that is, if you are running Web application available to the public), the recommendation is to install the Web server in a DMZ with the PAS for OpenEdge instances running behind a second firewall.
2. A PAS for OpenEdge instance that is dedicated to load balancing.
You should not deploy any Web applications to the load balancer.
3. A file.
The file specifies the existence of a load balancer, the workers (instances) that are available to the load balancer as servers that can handle requests, an optional status worker that monitors the runtime status of the other workers.
You can create a file with the TCMAN workers action.