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Administration Guide
Web application security configurations : Login models

Login models

PAS for OpenEdge supports the following login models for web applications:
*basic — typically used by client authentication to stateless ABL business application architectures. There are no configurable properties.
*anonymous — used as the default for getting started with the development of an ABL web application. It allows unauthenticated client access to the ABL web application until it is mature enough to use product quality authentication. There are no configurable properties.
*container — used when the ABL web application wants to use the Realm authentication provided by the Apache Tomcat web server it runs in. This can be useful when synchronizing user accounts with other 3rd party Java web applications in the same PAS for OpenEdge instance. Set the http.jee.all.mappableRoles property to a comma separated list of role names from the Tomcat realm's authentication.
*form — typically used for managing the login/logout of clients to a stateful ABL business application architecture. Properties are found in the Form login Filter bean and Logout Filter bean section of the file.
*sso — login via a ClientPrincipal token that represents a user. SSO properties are found in the OpenEdge SSO support section of Also see Single sign-on (SSO) support in PAS for OpenEdge .
You set the login model as a value of the client.login.model property. See for more information.