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Administration Guide
Administrative tools : JConsole and JMX

JConsole and JMX

JConsole (the Java Monitoring & Management Console), which is an application included with Java, can be used to monitor and manage PAS for OpenEdge instances. JConsole is usually used on development servers for debugging. On production servers, it is commonly used for monitoring and tuning, and for removing hung sessions.
You should not use JConsole on a local production server because it uses significant resources. Using JConsole with a remote connection to a production server avoids this problem. However, enabling remote connections requires more attention to security since it opens the door to unauthorized access to the server.


The Progress Application Server supports the use of The Java Management Extensions (JMX) technology, which facilitates dynamic access to applications and other resources. This access is accomplished through the use of Java objects called Managed Beans, or MBeans. One or more MBeans instrument a resource through the use of the MBean's attributes, actions (defined as methods), and notifications.
The instrumented resources are listed in the MBeans tab of the Java Monitoring & Management Console. For example:
For more detailed information on JMX and MBeans, see the Java documentation at
* Running JConsole locally
* Running JConsole remotely