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Administration Guide
Working with Instances : Installing and running an instance as a UNIX daemon

Installing and running an instance as a UNIX daemon

A daemon process (called a service on Windows systems) is an application without a user interface that runs in the background and responds to requests. Web servers like PAS and Tomcat typically run as Windows services or UNIX daemons.
Note: If you run a PAS instance with start, the instance runs in the context of the command shell process. It is not available as a system service that can handle external client requests. The instance must be installed as a daemon process before you can run it as a functioning Web server.
The file $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ can be used as a template for starting Tomcat automatically at boot time as a child of the init process. For more information, see:
However, you will need to consult with a system administrator before you can configure and run PAS as a daemon process due to differences among UNIX systems and because you need administrative privileges for access to the system.