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Administration Guide
Web application security configurations : User account configurations : Local and Extended Local user accounts : Generating encrypted passwords with GENSPRINGPWD
Generating encrypted passwords with GENSPRINGPWD
To provide greater security for user accounts stored in, you can use the GENSPRINGPWD command-line utility (oe-install-dir/bin/genspringpwd) to generate encrypted passwords for the entries in the file.


genspringpwd password {bcrypt|sha256|sha512|sha1 } [ salt-value ]
A character string representing the password to be encrypted.
bcrypt | sha256 | sha512 | sha1
Specify which hashing algorithm to use for encryption. The default is bcrypt.
A string of 6 to 11 characters used to initialize the sha1, sha256, and sha512 algorithms with secret information known only to the creator and verifier of the hash value of the encrypted password. It cannot be used for the bcrypt algorithm,
Note: For more information on hashing and salt values, search for hash and salt cryptography references on the Web.

Using encrypted passwords

After you have created an encrypted password with GENSPRINGPWD, copy and paste the generated value to the password field in a entry, using the following syntax:
username=password, role1, [role2, ..., roleN, ] { enabled | disabled }