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Administration Guide
Overview of PAS for OpenEdge administration : Development servers compared to production servers

Development servers compared to production servers

Progress Application Server for OpenEdge can be installed as either a server for developing and testing Web applications or as a production server for application deployment.
The difference between a development server and a production server is largely a matter of security. Typically, a server in a development environment allows unrestricted access to and control by a user or group of users. A production server, on the other hand, is configured to restrict access to authorized users and to limit control to system administrators. For example, in a development environment anyone might be allowed to shut down the server, whereas, in a production environment, only an administrator with appropriate privileges would be allowed to stop a running server.
In addition, you should be aware that the development server includes a number of Tomcat and Progress configuration and management tools. A production server, to avoid unauthorized tampering, would not include those tools.