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Trend Database Guide and Reference
Database Compaction Job : Running the Data Compaction Unlock job instance

Running the Data Compaction Unlock job instance

When you start the Data Compaction job, a flag is inserted into the Cf_Control table in the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. The flag indicates that the job is currently running and prevents the job from being run twice. When the job ends successfully, the flag is reset, which allows you to run the job again in the future.
If, however, the Data Compaction job terminates unexpectedly before it completes (for example, if the machine on which it is running is rebooted, or if someone kills the job), the inserted flag is not automatically reset. To reset the flag in such a situation, run the Data Compaction Unlock job.
To run the data compaction unlock job:
1. Access the job by choosing Jobs > New > Job from a Template. Then click DataCompactionUnlock on the Create Custom Job page.
The DataCompactionUnlock Job page appears, as shown:
2. Under Properties, provide the values for the job.
3. Click Save. The DataCompactionUnlockJob: <job name> page appears.
4. Click Run Now to start the job immediately or Schedule to start the job at some other time.
For more information about setting job properties, running jobs immediately, or running jobs by schedule, see OpenEdge Management: Resource Monitoring.