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Trend Database Guide and Reference
Database Compaction Job : Editing advanced information

Editing advanced information

The Advanced information for page displays the name of the user, the job's command, the command's parameters, and the job's environment variables.
To edit the advanced information for a data compaction job:
1. From the list frame, expand Defined Jobs.
2. Click the data compaction job.
3. Click view (next to the Advanced information entry) on the Data Compaction Job summary page. The Advanced information for page appears:
4. Click Edit. The Data Compaction Job Advanced Information page appears:
5. Provide the account information for the user who will run the job. Note that the default is the user who started the AdminServer.
6. To change the job specifications, enter the appropriate command and command parameters. If you want to change the job specifications, consider creating a new job template. See OpenEdge Management: Resource Monitoring for the steps to create custom job templates.
7. Enter applicable environment variables. See the Environment variables for Trend Data Compaction jobs table for Trend Data Compaction environment variables.
8. Click Save. The Advanced Information page reappears.
* Environment variables for Trend Data Compaction jobs