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Servers, DataServers, Messengers, and Adapters
Supporting OpenEdge Servers, Messengers, DataServers, and Adapters : Overview : WebSpeed Messenger

WebSpeed Messenger

The WebSpeed Messenger resides on the Web server machine. It is a process that handles the transfer of data between the Web server and the WebSpeed agent during a single Web transaction. The Messenger is either a CGI program, or an ISAPI or NSAPI process.
There are four different WebSpeed Messengers:
*CGIIP Messenger — Runs on almost all Web servers, but tends to have the slowest response times.
*WSASP Messenger — Calls WebSpeed applications from a Microsoft Active Server Page. It cannot coexist with any other Messenger on your Web server.
*WSISA Messenger — Runs on Microsoft IIS Web servers.
*WSNSA Messenger — Runs on Netscape Web servers.
You can use OpenEdge Management to edit the Messenger's properties.You cannot, however, create or delete WebSpeed Messengers from OpenEdge Management.