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Managing WebSpeed Transaction Server Data : Using the WebSpeed log file viewers

Using the WebSpeed log file viewers

To view the contents of each WebSpeed log file, access the viewer associated with each individual log file.
The log file viewer allows you to examine the contents of a WebSpeed-related log file through an HTML interface. You can access these log file viewers from two locations:
*Click the link in the Command and control section of the WebSpeed Details page. Click Log File Viewer of Broker to display the broker's file contents, or click Log File Viewer of Agents to display the agents' file contents.
*Click the Log File Viewer button that appears at the top of the log file monitor summary monitoring page.
The following figure provides an example of the WebSpeed broker log file viewer, which is showing the contents of a WebSpeed broker log file.
Figure 10. WebSpeed broker log file viewer example
The following information helps you to use the WebSpeed log file viewer:
*Use the Show field to control how many WebSpeed log file entries appear at one time. The number entered into the Show field must not be less than 10.
*Use the Overlap field to control how many entries are repeated from screen to screen.
Note: The value in the Overlap field must not be more than the number in the Show field minus one. For example, if you show 30 entries, you can overlap only 29 or fewer of them.
*Click Reload after changing the values in either the Show field or the Overlap field. Note that OpenEdge Management will prompt you to click Reload. The warning message that reads changed, reload needed appears in the Log status field in the Log file summary section of the page. If you do not reload, the viewer displays the previous values.
*Click Go To to control which numbered entry in the log file the viewer begins its display with. For example, a value of 10 entered into the Go To field will begin the display from the tenth log file entry.
Note: You must click Go To after entering a value in the Go To field, or the viewer will not update its display.
*The default display of entries is in ascending order; choose Descending to change the display. Note that the Show field dictates the number of entries shown, whether they display in ascending or descending order.
*Click First to display the first x entries, where x is the value in the Show field.
*Click Prior to display the previous x entries, where x is the value in the Show field.
*Click Next to display the next x entries, where x is the value in the Show field.
*Click Last to display the last x entries, where x is the value in the Show field.
*To view additional log file entries without changing your current starting log file entry, leave the Go To field blank, change the value in the Show field, and click Reload.
* Refreshing log file data