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Managing NameServer Data : Examining NameServer Operational and Informational views : Accessing and reviewing Operational views : Summary section
Summary section
In the Summary section, the Number of Brokers field shows a total of all the brokers currently registered with a specific resource. The number of unique brokers identified in each of the separate AppService detail sections equals the number shown in the Number of Brokers field.
The following table describes the Summary fields and their display-only details. Most of the values that appear on this page are originally defined in the file.
Table 29. Summary details on the Operational Status page
The NameServer's host machine name.
The number of the UDP Port that the NameServer uses to listen for client connection requests and registration messages from AppServers and Transaction Servers.
The value, in seconds, that indicates how often the NameServer checks for WebSpeed or AppServer broker instances that have timed out. When a WebSpeed or AppServer broker instance registers with a NameServer, the instance indicates how often it will send "keep-alive" messages by setting a registration retry value (a property setting in the file). Once a NameServer determines that it has not received a "keep-alive" message from a broker instance within the broker's registration retry time, the NameServer automatically unregisters the instance.
Start time
The date and time stamp when the NameServer started. Any time the NameServer is restarted, this field will be updated to display the NameServer's most recent start time.
Number of AppServices
The number of Application Services associated with this NameServer instance. The count associated with this field matches the number of Application Services listed in the detailed AppService sections in this view.
Number of Brokers
The number of brokers in the broker pool that are currently registered with this NameServer instance, directing client connection requests to a requested Application Service. A broker might register more than one Application Service with a NameServer instance. Therefore, it might appear several times in the AppServices detail section. However, the broker will only count as 1 towards the total number of brokers recorded in this field.
Total client requests received
The total number of client requests received by the NameServer since it started. Any time the NameServer is restarted, this field will be reset to display a request total relative to the NameServer's most recent start time.
Total client requests rejected
The total number of times that a client requested a broker for an Application Service that the NameServer had no knowledge of; therefore, a client could not be matched up with a registered broker. This value identifies real-time client requests. Data related to any requests that the NameServer passes to NameServer Neighbors (those with which it typically works) are not captured in this total. Any time the NameServer is restarted, this field will be reset to display a count relative to the NameServer's most recent start time.