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Managing WebSpeed Transaction Server Data : Accessing and reviewing WebSpeed-related log file data : Reviewing predefined log file monitor search criteria

Reviewing predefined log file monitor search criteria

Each log file provides predefined search criteria that address common WebSpeed broker- or agents-related events. You can use these searches as defined, or you can copy and customize them. Review the predefined search criteria before you customize a WebSpeed log file monitor.
Note: It is recommended that you not edit or delete the predefined criteria.
To review predefined log file monitor search criteria:
1. Select Library from the menu bar.
2. Click the plus (+) icon next to Search Criteria in the list frame to expand the category.
3. Click either WebSpeed Broker or WebSpeed Server in the list frame. A list of predefined search criteria related to the category that you selected appears in the detail frame. For example, the following screen shows the list of the WebSpeed Server default search criteria:
Note: You can also create your own search criteria to address a particular WebSpeed error for which you want to monitor a WebSpeed broker or agent. See Customizing a WebSpeed broker log file monitor for details.