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Servers, DataServers, Messengers, and Adapters
Supporting OpenEdge Servers, Messengers, DataServers, and Adapters : Overview : Managing broker resources

Managing broker resources

On systems that support shared processes, a broker is a main server process. A broker functions like a traffic director, handling client requests for specific resources that support the business logic associated with an application. A broker identifies and accounts for resource availability and consumption. The broker accomplishes these tasks by processing a pool of servers or agents and attempting to fulfill specific resource requests.
For example, an AppServer broker manages connection requests initiated by its clients for the business logic and processes located on an AppServer. In this context, a broker executes its tasks somewhat in isolation, only executing and performing according to its defined configuration properties and parameters.
Using OpenEdge Management you can configure brokers to optimize performance. The OpenEdge Management console supports viewing status details, and controlling, monitoring, and managing broker components to ensure appropriate resources are available.