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Getting Started : Understanding OpenEdge server graphs : Graphs available on Performance View pages

Graphs available on Performance View pages

OpenEdge resources that have defined monitoring plans can display certain data in graphical formats. The following table identifies various OpenEdge resource types, the data that can appear in individual graphs, and the performance data page on which the graphs appear.
Table 6. Performance pages and their graphical content
For this OpenEdge resource type . . .
Data addressing each of these topics . . .
Appears as an individual graph on this page . . .
WebSpeed brokers
*Broker Request Activity
*Broker Activity Status
*Client Connections
Broker Performance View
WebSpeed Agents
*Agents State
*Total Agents CPU
*Total Agents Memory
Agents Performance View
AppServer brokers
*Broker Requests
*Client Connections
*Last Run Procedures
Broker Performance View
*Servers State
*Server pool summary
Servers Performance View
For an explanation of each graph's content, see the performance view sections in Managing WebSpeed Transaction Server Data and Managing AppServer Data.
Note: The production of graphs is CPU-intensive. If you are monitoring CPU usage, an alert may fire when the graph is generated. To avoid the firing of such an alert, increase the number of failed polls after which OpenEdge Management throws an alert.
* Launching graph pinup pages
* Additional graph-related considerations