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Managing AppServer Data : Examining AppServer-related Operational views

Examining AppServer-related Operational views

The AppServer Details page provides an Operational views section that allows you to access and review data related to the performance of:
*A specific AppServer broker
*A pool of AppServers associated with a specific broker
Data for both the broker and the broker's AppServer pool can appear in text and graph formats.
Note: The graphs associated with the AppServer Operational views appear only when the Broker statistics available field on the AppServer Control page displays a True status. See Data collection details for details.
The following figure shows the Operational views section of the AppServer Details page.
Figure 19. AppServer Operational views
The Operational views section also provides a link to status information.
The following sections describe how to access and review details associated with each of these performance views.
* Accessing and reviewing the Broker Performance View
* Accessing and reviewing the Servers Performance View