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Servers, DataServers, Messengers, and Adapters
Monitoring Plans and Rules for Servers, DataServers, Messengers, and Adapters : Understanding and using resource monitor rules : Common rule characteristics

Common rule characteristics

The following characteristics are common to all rules, regardless of their individual resource type:
*Only the rules that are not already part of the monitoring plan appear in each resource type's Available Rules list.
*When you select any of the rules available in the specific available rules list, the particular criteria associated with each rule appear.
*You can modify the default values associated with each individual rule.
*To display the rules available for each OpenEdge resource type, click AddRule on the monitoring page when it is displayed in edit mode. See the procedure in Maintaining monitoring plans for details about this task.
*If a rule is part of a monitoring plan and a member of a rule set, the individual rule definition supersedes the rule in the rule set.
As with all OpenEdge Management resource monitoring rules, if the alert-related options are enabled for an OpenEdge monitoring plan, any rule violation causes an alert to trigger. See OpenEdge Management: Alerts Guide and Reference for detailed information about OpenEdge Management alert types and rules, and specific definitions about the alert feature's relationship with each rule.