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Managing WebSpeed Messenger Data : Accessing and reviewing Messenger log file data : Characteristics of a Messenger resource log file monitor

Characteristics of a Messenger resource log file monitor

Data that you can capture and view using the Messenger resource log file monitor and viewer can help you:
*Ensure the integrity of these log files by monitoring files for errors and allowing you to define actions that trigger when errors occur.
*Use predefined Messenger-related search criteria, or create your own, to run against the data in these log files. OpenEdge Management predefines search criteria to support the log file monitor.
The following figure shows an excerpt from the Search Criteria subcategories, including the Messengers link to the predefined search criteria.
Figure 43. Library Search criteria
You can create and maintain the search criteria for each of the Messenger resources in the following two locations:
*At the Messenger resource local file monitor instance level. The search text and type are not shareable at this level. See Customizing a Messenger log file monitor for details.
*At the OpenEdge Management Component Library level under the Messenger subcategory. The search text and type are shareable at this level.
Specifically, the predefined search criteria provide:
*Detailed data about the recorded operations of a Messenger instance
*A means by which you can extract detailed data