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Managing OE Web Server Data : Examining OE Web Server Operations views : Accessing and reviewing OE Web Server run-time properties

Accessing and reviewing OE Web Server run-time properties

You can temporarily change some OE Web Server (OERM) instance properties at run time without restarting your Java servlet engine (JSE). This is most useful for testing and debugging. The next time you restart your JSE, these settings revert to the current configuration settings for these properties in the file.
To change OE Web Server instance run-time properties:
1. From the grid frame for Resources, click the Edit icon to display the details page for the OE Web Server instance whose runtime properties you want to change.
2. Under the Operations views section, click Run-time Properties.
3. Review the run-time properties. For more information about the properties, see the relevant section in OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Configuration .