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Managing DataServer Data : Accessing and reviewing DataServer-related log file data : Reviewing predefined log file monitor search criteria

Reviewing predefined log file monitor search criteria

Each log file provides predefined search criteria that address common DataServer broker- or DataServer-related events. Use these searches as defined, or copy and customize them. Review the predefined search criteria before you customize a DataServer log file monitor.
Note: It is recommended that you not edit or delete the predefined criteria.
To review predefined log file monitor search criteria:
1. Click Library from the menu bar.
2. Click the plus (+) icon next to Search Criteria in the list frame to expand this category.
3. Click either DataServer Broker or DataServer Server in the list frame. A list of predefined search criteria related to the category that you selected appears in the detail frame. For example, the following screen shows the DataServer Broker default search criteria:
Note: You can also create your own search criteria to address a particular error for which you want to monitor a DataServer. See the for details.