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Historical Reports : Customizing graphical output : Report output field and column headings

Report output field and column headings

This section identifies the fields or column headings associated with each historical report template.
Note: Fields and column headings in this section that are identified with an asterisk (*) are also the OpenEdge Management-supplied defaults associated with each report type.
* AppServer Application Profile
* AppServer Performance
* Database After-imaging
* Database Area Status
* Database Before-imaging
* Database Checkpointing
* Database Details
* Database Disk Information
* Database Index Analysis
* Database Index Usage
* Database Locking
* Database Buffer I/O
* Database Record Information
* Database Server Activity
* Database Summary
* Database Table Analysis
* Database Table Usage
* CPU Summary
* File Summary
* Network Activity
* System Disk Device Activity
* System Filesystem Usage
* System Memory Summary
* WebSpeed Application Profile
* WebSpeed Performance