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Resource Monitoring
Creating Collections and Collection Views in OpenEdge Management : Collection views : Viewlet characteristics

Viewlet characteristics

Many viewlets share common characteristics. Some of those characteristics are as follows:
*The title bar of a resource viewlet provides basic status information about the resource. This includes the most recent polling status (Passed or Failed, for example) as well as whether the resource has any outstanding alerts.
*If the resource does have any outstanding alerts, the title bar color is set to the worst-case severity of the open alerts for that resource. For example, if a resource has an outstanding alert with a severity of Error, the title bar is yellow as you view it in your browser. Note that it is possible for a resource to have a status of Passed but still have outstanding alerts.
*The viewlet provides information in both tabular and graphical format.
*As the legend indicates, the percentage of time the resource is busy for the represented time frame.
*The Customize Viewlet icon on the top-right of the viewlet allows you to choose how the viewlet displays data. For details, see Customizing a viewlet .