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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring Network Resources : Discovering and monitoring TCP and UDP ports : Reviewing the list of well-known ports

Reviewing the list of well-known ports

OpenEdge Management can provide you with a list of well-known ports.
To review the list of available ports:
1. Select Resources > Discover > Network Resources in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
The Discover Network Resources page appears and displays all the resources managed by the console.
2. Click Well-known Ports in the IPv4 address range section. The Well-known Ports page appears.
This page displays a list of predefined ports that are available to be discovered. Each port is identified by the port number, the port type, and an editable default description.
You can delete any port from the list by selecting the port and clicking Delete.
You can also add ports to this list. Type a description in the available field, and then click Add. (Note that descriptions cannot contain non-ASCII characters.) Repeat this procedure for each port you want to add.
Besides adding and deleting ports, you can also perform the following actions related to port discovery:
*Update a port description in the space provided, and click Submit to save the update.
*Click Discover Network Resources to discover which machines are available.
*Click Resource Home Page to return to the OpenEdge Management Resources page.
* Naming conventions in port descriptions