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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring Network Resources : Reviewing network resource default values

Reviewing network resource default values

OpenEdge Management provides various default values for system, network, file, database, and OpenEdge server resources. You see these default values when you create a resource monitor and define its monitoring plan.
If the default values are acceptable to you, you can use them with the resource monitors you create. If, however, you want to change the default values, you can do so as follows:
*For each resource monitor you create, adjust the values on a per-resource basis, so that you get the feedback data you want on the resource. Each new resource monitor is still initially created with the OpenEdge Management defaults.
*Change the actual defaults provided by OpenEdge Management so that each new resource monitor you create already has the most useful default values.
Changing default values does not affect any resource monitor already created.
To display default values for network resources:
1. Select Options > Resource Monitor Defaults in the OpenEdge Management console.
The OpenEdge Management Resource Monitoring Defaults page appears.
2. Click Network Resource Defaults. The Network Resource Defaults page appears.
Review the default values defined for TCP ports, UDP ports, ICMP, and HTTP monitors. Values set at this resource level appear as default values when you create an individual resource's monitoring plan and rule definitions.
3. Change the default values, as necessary, and click Submit.
The new defaults will be in place when you create a new network resource. If, when you create the new resource, the default values are still not what you want, you can change the values of the individual resource at that time.
Note that you can revert back to the original OpenEdge Management-supplied default values at any time by selecting Restore Defaults.