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Resource Monitoring
Resource Monitoring with OpenEdge Management : Understanding OpenEdge Management terminology : Commonly used terms : Resource monitoring plan
Resource monitoring plan
A resource monitoring plan, also known more simply as a monitoring plan, defines a block of time in which a specific resource is monitored and identifies the rules to be checked during the defined time frame. A resource that you create in OpenEdge Management must have one or more monitoring plans in place before OpenEdge Management can perform monitoring.
You can create monitoring plans for all OpenEdge Management resources with the exception of AppServer Internet Adapters, WebSpeed Messengers, and remote NameServers.
OpenEdge Management uses monitoring plans to determine when to monitor a resource and which rules and criteria to use when evaluating the resource's compliance within these defined parameters. By defining more than one monitoring plan, you can specify different criteria (rules) for different times. For example, you might evaluate the rules for a database resource every five minutes Monday through Friday and only every thirty minutes on Saturday and Sunday.