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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring File Resources : File resource monitoring overview : Log file monitor features

Log file monitor features

Log file resource monitors have characteristics similar to other OpenEdge Management resource monitors. You define monitoring plans and rules for log file monitors just as you can for all resource monitors. You can also elect to use OpenEdge Management-supplied default values to create log file monitoring resources.
Unlike other OpenEdge Management resource monitors, however, log file resource monitors have several unique qualities that you can use to define their monitoring capabilities, such as:
*A bookmark feature — The bookmark feature helps ensure that log files are monitored unobtrusively and according to search criteria you define. See Using a bookmark for information about setting and working with bookmarks.
*A search criteria feature — You specify search criteria in the log file monitor's rule properties and identify expressions that you can use to obtain specific information about log file contents. See Specifying search criteria for information about search criteria.
*A library feature — The library feature allows you to define a collection of independently stored search criteria and rule sets that you can share (including by importing and exporting across different machines) among the log file monitors you create and maintain. See Associating rule sets with log file monitors for information about library features. For details about importing and exporting search criteria and log file rule sets, see Exporting and Importing in OpenEdge Management.