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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring File Resources : Creating a log file monitor : Defining properties

Defining properties

The log file monitor properties you define are the log file monitor name and description and the name of the file you are monitoring.
To define the log file properties:
1. Select Resources > New > Log File on the OpenEdge Management menu bar.
The Log File Monitor Resource page appears.
2. Enter the log file monitor name in the Name field.
3. Select the AdminServer name from the drop-down list.
4. Enter the log file description in the Description field.
5. Enter the file name of the log file you are monitoring in the Filename field. You can enter the path to the log file and the log file's file name using either UNIX or Windows notation conventions.
It is possible that you might need to follow additional steps to see your mapped network drives and to let the log file monitor you create recognize mapped network drives. See Verifying mapped network drives for general instructions about how to perform this task.
6. Set the value for the On First Poll field.
On the first poll of a log file, you must identify how you want the log file monitor to interact with existing log file data. You select one of two options:
*Search entire file tells the log file monitor to search all preexisting log file data. If your log file is a relatively small file, consider this option.
*Search only new data tells the log file monitor to ignore any preexisting log file data and perform the setup needed for subsequent polls based on the bookmark properties set at the current end of file.
7. Click Save.