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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring File Resources : Creating a log file monitor : Adding log file rule sets : Creating a new log file rule set
Creating a new log file rule set
A log file rule set allows you to centrally define rules at the library level and associate rule sets with one or more log file resource monitors.
Rules within rule sets are composed of three rules-required components: search criterion, severity level, and alert details. Library-based log file rule sets are comprised of rules that have search criteria you define, or you can select from the search criteria stored in the library.
To set up library-based log file rule sets:
1. In the OpenEdge Management console menu, choose one:
*Select Library > New > Log File Rule Set.
*Select Library > Go to Library > Create Log File Rule Set.
The Create Log File Rule Set page appears.
2. Enter the name of the rule set in the Name field.
3. Enter a description of the rule set in the Description field.
4. Click Save.
The Log File Rule Set: <rule set name> page appears.
5. To add a rule to this rule set, click Add Rule.
The Create new Log File Rule page appears.
6. Choose one of the following options:
*Use existing search criteria. Select values available from the drop-down list fields on the Create Log File Rule page. See Selecting search criteria to define a local rule to complete the steps for this option. Then proceed with Step 7 in this procedure.
*Use new search criteria. Continue with Step 7 in this procedure.
7. Click Create Criterion.
The Create new Search Criterion page, from which you will create a new rule to add to the rule set, appears.
8. Enter a value in the Name field.
The search name can be a maximum of 32 characters, and it must not contain spaces between words or use special characters such as an asterisk (*), an ampersand (&), or a period ( . ).
9. Enter a description in the Description field.
10. In the Search Text field, enter the search string you want this rule to look for in the log file.
The entry must be consistent with the type of search you are performing.
11. In the Search Type field, select either Literal Search or Regular Expression.
See Specifying search criteria for a detailed description of these search types.
12. Store this search criterion in a Search Criteria category. For example:
*Use Existing Category (default value) — From Category, scroll through the list of OpenEdge Management predefined categories and select one.
*Use New Category — In the Category field, use the predefined misc category, or enter the name of a new category.
13. Click Save.
The Create Log File Rule page reappears, displaying the newly identified search criterion values in the Choose Criteria Category and Choose Search Criteria fields.
14. Identify the remaining properties for this rule:
*In the Severity field, select the level of severity you want to set for this rule.
*Select the Always throw new alert option to generate an alert each time the rule is violated.
*In the On Alert Perform Action field, select the action you want OpenEdge Management to perform when an alert triggers.
15. Click Save.
The Log File Rule Set page reappears and displays the newly created rule in the Rules selected for this Rule Set section.
16. If required, repeat Step 5 through Step 15 to add additional rules to this rule set.
Your rule set appears in the list frame under the LogFile category. See Associating rule sets with log file monitors for details about associating the rule set with a log file monitor.