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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring File Resources : Creating a log file monitor : Creating a monitoring plan

Creating a monitoring plan

Once you make your decisions about the bookmark, create the log file monitor's monitoring plan. Begin by viewing the monitoring plan's default values.
The following default values are identified:
*Available Schedules — A list of all schedules available for this monitoring plan
*Polling Interval — The interval at which the resource is polled
*Alerts Enabled — An indication of whether alerts defined for this resource are enabled
You can elect to accept or change any of the default values.
To continue creating the monitoring plan from the Create Monitoring Plan page:
1. Click Save to save the monitoring plan definition.
The Monitoring Plan page appears.
You can now add rules or rule sets to this monitoring plan.
2. Under Rules selected for this plan, click either Add Rule or Select Rule Sets.
You can now continue with the Adding log file rules section for details about including rules or the Adding log file rule sets section for details about including rule sets in the plan.