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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring File Resources : Creating a file monitor

Creating a file monitor

To monitor a file, you must create a monitoring plan definition, select rules for the plan, and set the rules' properties.
To define a file monitor:
1. Select Resources > New > File in the OpenEdge Management menu.
The Create new File page appears.
2. Provide the following information:
*Name — Enter the name of the file monitor. You must not use spaces or special characters such as an asterisk (*), ampersand (&), or period ( . ).
*AdminServer — Select the AdminServer name from the drop-down list.
*Description — Provide an optional description of the monitor.
*File Name — Provide the name of the file you want to monitor.
The Enabled option is selected by default. To disable the monitor, clear the option.
3. Click Save.
The Create Monitoring Plan for the file monitor appears.
4. Choose the monitoring plan specifics. When you finish, click Save.
The file monitor's monitoring plan definition and a list of rules selected for this plan appear.
5. To add one or more rules to the plan, click Add Rule.
The Available File Monitor Rules page appears.
6. Click the first rule you want to add. If you choose file age, the File Rule: File Age properties page appears.
7. Provide values for the following rule properties (which might differ depending on the rule you are adding):
*Alert if file older than OR Alert severity
*Throw alert after
*Throw additional alerts
*On alert perform action
*Clear alert after
*On clear perform action
8. Click Save.
9. Repeat Step 7, Step 8, and Step 9 for each rule you want to add.
10. When you finish adding rules, click Done Adding Rules.
The file monitor's monitoring definition and rules appear. You can now edit or delete the plan.