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Resource Monitoring
Resource Monitoring with OpenEdge Management : Understanding OpenEdge Management terminology : Commonly used terms : Collection
A collection is a user-defined group of resources.You can create and use a collection to better organize and operate on resources. For example, you might create a collection known as Collection A that includes all resources on which a particular application depends. You might then create another collection known as Collection B, which is also dependent on one of the resources in Collection A. If the resource common to both Collection A and Collection B fails, the failure is reflected in the status of both collections, enabling you to determine quickly the extent and the impact of the failure.
An administrator can create a private collection or a shared collection. An operator can create a private collection and can see, but not create, a shared collection.
A collection can include any number of the following resources:
*Monitored resources, such as CPU, disk, memory, and database
*Non-monitored resources, such as AppServer Internet Adapters, DataServers (ODBC, Oracle, MS SQL Server), SonicMQ Adapters, WebSpeed Messengers, OE Web Server, or Web Services Adapters
*Other collections