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Resource Monitoring
Creating Collections and Collection Views in OpenEdge Management : Collection terminology and hierarchy

Collection terminology and hierarchy

Collections are categorized as follows:
*My Collections —Private collections that you create and that are available only to you.
*Shared Collections — Collections that are created by administrator users. Administrator users can view, reference, edit, and delete shared collections. Operator users can only view and reference shared collections.
*Referenceable collection — Any collection that you tie as a child to either My Collections or Shared Collections as a parent. When tied to My Collections, the collection becomes a private referenceable collection. When tied to Shared Collections, the collection becomes a shared referenceable collection.
The advantage of creating a referenceable collection is that you can reference the collection from more than one place. For example, consider the case of a system resources collection whose members include CPUs, memory, and file systems for three different AdminServers. You can create this system resources collection once, and tie it to a Shared Collection and a private collection. You create it once, in one collection, and create a reference to it from another collection. It is unnecessary to create the collection twice.
The referenceable collection can be referenced without being copied. This provides a single point of collection maintenance.
*Child collection — A collection whose parent was chosen through the Parent property. For details, see Creating a collection.