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Progress Application Server for OpenEdge Configuration
TCMAN Reference : Server actions : Show Windows process information (showproc)

Show Windows process information (showproc)


(Windows only) Show information about the process specified by a process id.


tcman.bat showproc [general_options] [process-id]


Specify one or more of the options that can be used with any TCMAN action. Run help showproc to see which general options are appropriate.
The numerical identifier of a Windows process. You can obtain a list of process ids by running the TCMAN plist action.


Display process id's for the running instance, acme1, then specify process ids to show detailed information.
/psc/acme1/bin/tcman.bat plist -v
info: showing process ids for server with window title 13332
13332 14240

/psc/acme1/bin/tcman.bat showproc 13332
ProcesName : java
SessionId : 2
StartTime : 10/04/2015 16:29:42
Threads : 26
TotalProcessorTime : 00:00:19.9213277
UserProcessTime :
CPU (seconds) : 19.9213277
Description : Java(TM) Platform SE binary
Path : C:\Progress\OpenEdge\jdk\bin\java.exe

/psc/acme1/bin/tcman.bat showproc 14240
ProcesName : _mproapsv
SessionId : 2
StartTime : 10/04/2015 16:29:54
Threads : 7
TotalProcessorTime : 00:00:00.3744024
UserProcessTime :
CPU (seconds) : 0.3744024
Description : OpenEdge AppServer (Multi-thread)
Path : C:\Progress\OpenEdge\bin\_mproapsv.exe