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Getting Started with Multi-tenancy
Getting Started with Multi-tenancy in the Database Administration Console : Overview


The focus of this guide is on getting you up and running with a database enabled for multi-tenancy. The guide begins at the point at which you've completed your OpenEdge installation and are logging into the Database Administration Console, which is a component of the larger OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer management console. As you follow the steps provided, you will be guided through setting up a database connection; setting up a super-tenant, its domain, and its users; establishing secure login credentials for the super-tenant; and converting existing tables so that they are enabled for multi-tenancy and/or creating new tables and then enabling them.
This guide does not tell you how to perform the various tasks related to multi-tenancy. Instead, this guide provides you with a roadmap and recommendations for starting to work with multi-tenancy. Included are the tasks you must perform to configure a database for multi-tenancy and then be able to work with and manage tenants and data in the database.