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Getting Started with Multi-tenancy
Preface : OpenEdge messages : Obtaining more information about OpenEdge messages

Obtaining more information about OpenEdge messages

In Windows platforms, use OpenEdge online help to obtain more information about OpenEdge messages. Many OpenEdge tools include the following Help menu options to provide information about messages:
*Choose Help > Recent Messages to display detailed descriptions of the most recent OpenEdge message and all other messages returned in the current session.
*Choose Help > Messages and then type the message number to display a description of a specific OpenEdge message.
*In the Procedure Editor, press the HELP key or F1.
On UNIX platforms, use the OpenEdge pro command to start a single-user mode character OpenEdge client session and view a brief description of a message by providing its number.
To use the pro command to obtain a message description by message number:
1. Start the Procedure Editor:
2. Press F3 to access the menu bar, then choose Help > Messages.
3. Type the message number and press ENTER. Details about that message number appear.
4. Press F4 to close the message, press F3 to access the Procedure Editor menu, and choose File > Exit.