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Database Management
Examining Data from an OpenEdge Database : Understanding OpenEdge database views : Vital Signs view

Vital Signs view

The Vital Signs view shows a page of graphical information relevant to the critical operations of the database.
From the Database details page, click Vital Signs in the Operational Views section. The Vital Signs view appears and displays the following graphs:
*Transaction activity
*Checkpoint activity
*Buffer hit rate
*Record wait/read ratio
*Record activity
*AIW writes percent
*APW writes percent
These graphs indicate activity over time. For more information about graphs, see Graphical Displays of Database Data.
The data populating the Vital Signs view comes from many VSTs, including _ActAILog, _ActPWLog, _ActBuffer, _ActSummary, _UserIO, and _ActIOType. If the database is also configured for alternate buffer pools, polling retrieves the alternate buffer pool values from the VST _ActBuffer. Therefore, the Buffer hit rate details shown in the page reflect the total buffer hits for both primary and alternate buffer pools.