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Database Management
Examining Data from an OpenEdge Database : Understanding OpenEdge database views : User Activity views

User Activity views

The User Activity view provides information about list of database connections, statistics of the connection, and user details and activities.
From the Database details page, click User Activity in the Operational Views section. The User Activity view appears and has the following tabs:
*Database Connections
*User IO Activity
*User Lock Activity
*Connection Statistics
*User Details
In the User Details tab:
*Provide a user number in the User number field and click Show User to find the details of an individual user.
The details displayed vary depending on the user type. If the user is a self-service user, the tab allows you to view transactions and locks for that user.
*To disconnect a user from the database, click Disconnect User and click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
In each tab of the User Activity view, you can:
*Click the user number of a user to find its details in the User Details tab.
*Use the filtering options to filter user details by any given parameter.
*Click the column heading to choose the order of the filtered results (ascending, descending, or alphabetically).
*Move the page forward or backward, and specify the number of users per page.
*Use the Refresh icon to find the most recent data.
The data found in the User Activity view comes from the _UserIO and _UserLock VSTs.