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Database Management
Database Resource Monitoring : Monitoring scripted databases : Starting a scripted database agent

Starting a scripted database agent

Before you can monitor a scripted database, you must start the Monitoring Agent.
To enable a scripted database agent:
1. Click Resources > Go to Resources in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
All resources managed by your console appear in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for, and select the database whose monitoring agent you want to start.
The Database details page appears.
3. Click Control.
4. Copy the command line provided. The following sample from the Scripted Database page shows the command line values to copy:
The command line includes the following information:
*The name and the path of the scripted database (-db <database-name>)
*The host machine on which OpenEdge Management is running (-H <host-name>)
*The port on which OpenEdge Management is listening (-S <port-number>)
*The TCP/IP version number (-ipver <ipversion-number>)
5. Paste the command line at the proenv prompt on the machine hosting the database. You can now access the scripted database's control information and views.
Note: Using the command line supplied this way, add the start of your dbagent to your database start script. Each time your database starts up, the dbagent is automatically started and OpenEdge Management automatically begins monitoring your database.
Because the database is scripted, the link to the File Systems view that is normally available on a local database's details page does not appear.