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Database Management
Examining Data from an OpenEdge Database : Understanding OpenEdge database views : Page Writers view

Page Writers view

The Page Writers view provides data about your Before-image, After-image, and Asynchronous Page Writers, as well as checkpoint information.
From the Database details page, click Page Writers in the Operational Views section. The Page Writers view appears and you can find more information in the following sections:
*BI summary
*AI summary
*Asynchronous page summary
*Checkpoint summary
The Checkpoint summary section contains the following columns:
*Start Time — The time the checkpoint started
*Duration — The length of time the checkpoint lasted
*# Pending — The number of database buffers not yet written to disk
*# Written — The number of buffers written to disk
*# Scan — The number of buffers written during the scan
*# APW — The number of buffers written from the APW queue
*# Flushed — The number of buffers flushed at the checkpoint
The data displayed in the Page Writers view comes from the following VSTs:
*_ActBILog (BI Summary View)
*_ActAILog (AI Summary View)
*_ActPW (APW Summary View)
*_Checkpoint (Checkpoint Summary View)