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Database Management
Examining Data from an OpenEdge Database : Database log file monitors : Log file monitor considerations

Log file monitor considerations

Before you customize a database log file monitor, review the following points:
*The database log file monitor is not enabled until the database for which it was created is started. When the database log file monitor first starts monitoring a database, it always starts at the end of the log file.
*The database log file provides predefined search criteria that address common database-related events. You can use these searches as defined, or you can copy and customize them.
*You can also create your own search criteria. For example, if there is a particular database error for which you want to monitor a database, you can use the promsg number as the search text.
*The OpenEdge Management Trend Database is a managed, OpenEdge database. Therefore, it has a predefined database log file monitor that you can customize to meet your needs.