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Database Management
Database Maintenance Job Templates : Creating database maintenance job instances

Creating database maintenance job instances

To create a job instance from one of the database maintenance templates, you must access the specific template details from the Jobs.Job Templatespage.
To access job templates for setting up a job instance:
1. In the OpenEdge Management console menu, choose one:
*Click Jobs > New > Job from a Template.
*Click Jobs > Go to Jobs > Create Job from a Template.
The Create Custom Job page appears.
The Database Maintenance, OpenEdge Management Configuration, and OpenEdge Management Trend Database Maintenance categories include all the OpenEdge Management-supplied jobs. You can create additional templates to add to these categories, or you can create additional categories. For details about creating user-defined templates, see OpenEdge Management: Resource Monitoring.
2. Select the database maintenance job from which you want to create a job instance. The Job Properties page appears.
Note: When the Job Properties page appears, you might find that several fields already display values. This is one of the main benefits of the template; you need to supply only the data unique to this job instance.
3. Complete the Job Properties page. Use the information in the following table to find details about each database maintenance job template's Properties page:
For details about the . . .
See . . .
OfflineBackup template
OnlineBackup template
DatabaseRestore template
TruncateBI template
GrowBI template
DatabaseAnalysis template
IndexCompaction template
Backup Configuration template
DataCompaction template
OpenEdge Management: Trend Database Guide and Reference
DataCompactionUnlock template
OpenEdge Management: Trend Database Guide and Reference
* Setting up Database Backup jobs
* Setting up a Database Restore job
* Setting up a Truncate BI job
* Setting up a Grow BI job
* Setting up a Database Analysis job
* Setting up an Index Compaction job
* Setting up a Backup Configuration job