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Managing Change Data Capture in Databases
Managing Change Data Capture in a Database

Managing Change Data Capture in a Database

Change Data Capture (CDC) is a tracking mechanism that enables applications to determine the changes made to user tables in a database. The changes that result from INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations in a user table are tracked, captured and stored in relational tables called change tables. These change tables provide a view of historical data that has been changed over time.
Using CDC in OpenEdge, you can choose individual fields of a table for which you want to capture the changes and publish the data to an external data source. Thus avoiding replication of the entire database and resulting in better management of the captured data.
To manage CDC in a database, OpenEdge Management allows you to define CDC policies for tables and fields of that database. You can manage CDC table and field policies from the Database Administration page of OpenEdge Management. Before creating any CDC policies, ensure that the database is CDC enabled.
For managing Change Data Capture using Database tools, see OpenEdge Development: Basic Database Tools.
For Change Data Capture API references, see OpenEdge Development: Programming Interfaces.
* Enabling Change Data Capture for a database
* Creating a Change Data Capture policy
* Viewing Change Data Capture tables
* Viewing Change Data Capture policies for a table
* Editing a Change Data Capture policy
* Activating and deactivating a current Change Data Capture policy
* Deleting a Change Data Capture policy
* Dumping Change Data Capture policies
* Loading Change Data Capture policies