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Alerts Guide and Reference
Introduction : Alert types : Asynchronous alerts

Asynchronous alerts

An asynchronous alert is generated by a resource the moment a specific condition is detected, regardless of the polling interval set for that resource. Many asynchronous alerts identify violations related to mission-critical and time-sensitive activities. Others, such as AS_BrokerNormalShutdown or DB_AgentStartup, function as confirmations of normal, or expected, operational status.
Some common mission-critical conditions for which you can define an asynchronous alert include:
*Database abnormal shutdown
*OpenEdge Management Trend Database Unavailable
*AppServer added
Other events for which you can define asynchronous alerts are more time-dependent. For example, if a running job has not completed in a specified period of time, you can be notified by an asynchronous alert. This situation could indicate that there is either a runaway or a hung job. In these types of instances, the firing of an asynchronous alert would inform you immediately of the situation so that you could take appropriate action.
* Example: Reviewing asynchronous alert fields