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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Configuring database connections : Providing database connection user credentials : User credentials considerations

User credentials considerations

By default, a connection for a database defined in OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer uses a blank user ID, in which no user name or password is required. However, if you are a database administrator working with multi-tenant databases, you must consider how to manage tenants effectively and the role that user credentials play in the tenants' successful management.
OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer permits only one set of user credentials (user ID and password) per database connection; it does not, however, require the credentials. Any user with a login to OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer can see any database connection defined in it. Passwords are encrypted and stored internally and are not visible in the user interface.
Because of this default structure, you may need to establish or change database connection credentials. You may also need to establish multiple database connections for the same database to allow performance of specific tasks as different users.