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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Preface : Organization


Introducing multi-tenancy in OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer
Describes how to work with multi-tenancy. The chapter also describes the management console navigational enhancements and defines some commonly used terms related to multi-tenancy.
Configuring database connections
Describes database connection types, how to establish a connection to a database, and how to filter database connections. The chapter also provides information about providing required user credentials when working with multi-tenancy enabled databases.
Managing multi-tenant databases
Describes how to enable a database for multi-tenancy and how to manage the database's areas, domains, groups, schemas, and tenants.
Working with tenants
Describes how to work with tenants, such as creating, editing, or deleting a tenant; enabling a table for multi-tenancy; or enabling or disabling access to tenant data.
Updating tenant schema
Describes how to upload and commit schema changes to a database enabled for multi-tenancy; how to configure an area working set; and how to edit storage area assignments for regular tenants.
Managing users and domains in a multi-tenant database
Describes how to manage users and domains, manage multi-tenant database table security for users, and how to configure database security administrators.
Working with tenant templates
Describes how to create, use, and edit tenant templates; view a list of tenant templates; and create a tenant from a template.
Working with sequences
Describes how to work with sequences, edit sequence values, and export sequences for a tenant.
Working with tenant groups
Describes how to create, use, and edit tenant groups or group programs; remove a tenant from a group; and search for and view available groups.