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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Working with sequences : Exporting sequences for a tenant : Exporting sequences for one or more tenants in the database

Exporting sequences for one or more tenants in the database

To export sequences for one or more tenants in the database:
1. Establish the database connection as a super-tenant user.
2. Click Database Administration > Go to Database Administration in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
The Database Administration page appears.
3. Filter or search for, and select the required database connection.
The database connection home page appears.
4. Under Data Administration, click Export sequences.
If the database connection is a non multi-tenant database, the Export sequence current values page appears.
Note: The tenant selection options do not display for non multi-tenant databases.
If the database connection is a multi-tenant database, the Export sequences current values page appears.
The following information is prefilled:
*AdminServer name — The AdminServer for the connected database.
*Directory location — Where the exported file will be located.
*File name — The name of the exported file.
Note that if you export only non-multi-tenant enabled sequences, all the sequence data will be located in the one file specified in this field. However, if the export includes multi-tenancy enabled sequences and the sequences have different values per tenant, a new directory is created (in the Directory location you specified) for each tenant. Each separate directory contains a file; the file contains the exported sequences and current values specific to that tenant.
*Code page — The code page.
5. Select which type of sequence you want to export: All, Shared, or Multi-tenant.
6. Select one or more tenants, or select the Select all option for all the tenants listed.
7. Click Export. You can view status of such a task in the Database Administration Tasks page by selecting Database Administration > View > Database Tasks.
You cannot import the exported file to a database from the Database Administration Console; you can, however, use the Data Administration tool (Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Progress > OpenEdge > Data Administration), which has been enhanced to accommodate the inclusion of multi-tenancy-enabled sequences when you are exporting or importing data. For more information, see the Data Dictionary online help.