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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Configuring database connections : Establishing a database connection

Establishing a database connection

OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer allows you to work with multi-tenant databases and their schema from the Database Administration Console running in a Web browser. From the console, you can establish database connections, create tenants, edit tenant configuration, upload and preview schema updates, create tenant templates, create tenant groups, filter views, and commit updates and monitor their progress.
Once you install and configure OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer, you are ready to start managing multi-tenant databases and their objects. You begin by establishing a database connection. By default, connections for databases defined in OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer use the blank user ID.
However, you can set up the connection to provide user credentials (user name and password). The availability of certain features and functionality is dependent upon the permissions that exist for the user whose name and password establish the connection as well as on the type of tenant the user belongs to.
For more information, see Providing database connection user credentials.
* Setting up the connection