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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Updating tenant schema : Editing storage area assignments for regular tenants

Editing storage area assignments for regular tenants

Once you preview the schema changes present in an uploaded data definition file—but before you commit those changes—you can optionally modify the area assignments for a regular tenant's data provided the object allocation space is not specified to be set immediately. In this case, you cannot modify area settings.
The allocation state is indicated by both the Allocation state choice in the Properties and the predefined yellow color coding in the area panels.
The properties also indicate that the default area is being kept. The Keep default area option is available when you are converting from a shared table to one enabled for multi-tenancy. If you select the option when you create a multi-tenant table, the original table data is not deleted and is retained for the default tenant in the new table.
If you did not select the Keep default area option, a new partition will be created for the default tenant for that shared table in the area specified by the value(s) in the data definition file.
You can edit the area assignment from the drop-down in the Properties pane before you commit the updates contained in the uploaded data definition file. If you want to move Terms8 from Area 100 to Area 101, for example, you can simply drag it from one area and drop it on another area. You can also drag and drop from the Data Definitions treeview to one of the areas.